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  • 1Get Up And Boogie (Yasumo Remix) by Silver Convention
  • 2Yes Sir, I Can Boogie by Baccara
  • 3Stayin Alive (Albina Mango Remix) by Bee Gees
  • 4Abracadabra (Remix) by Steve Miller Band
  • 5Brother Louie (New Version) by Modern Talking
  • 6Pretty Young Girl (Re-Recorded) by Bad Boys Blue
  • 7Don't Be A Hero (Ravel High Energy Mix) by C.C. Catch
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    Mix2 VOUGE 2018


2018.05.18.Dream vol1


  • Retroriczu mix.2018.05.18.Dream mix vol.1.
  • 1.Still Can't Sleep (Original Mix) by 01.Stoto
  • 2.Without You (Original Mix) by 02.Mahmut Orhan
  • 3.Missing (Javier penna Deep Remix) by 03.Everything But The Girl
  • 4.I feel you ( Boral Kibil Mahmut Orhan Mix) by 04.Schiller
  • 5.Smalltown Boy (Fernando Ferreyra Remix) by 05.Bronski Beat
  • 6.Rhythm Is A Dancer (Gianfranco DEmilio Remix) by 06.Snap!
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